The Drop Times: Marketing Drupal: Necessity of the Hour According to Dries 

Drupal CMS

At a recent Fireside chat with the DIA, while discussing myriad topics related to the Drupal ecosystem, Dries Buytaert stressed the need for marketing Drupal. Here is a brief on Dries’ take on marketing Drupal as discussed on March 10th, 2022, with Rahul Dewan of Srijan Technologies and Shyamala Rajaram of Unimity Solutions. He passionately believes that making end-users of Drupal successful with Drupal is the main reason behind it’s success and the way forward. From a marketing perspective, Covid accelerated the need for digital transformation of companies and businesses. There were many companies that wanted to do ecommerce starting the very next day! Even while Drupal is a great software but without the software being marketed well, it means nothing.