Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #352 – D7 to D9 Migration

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Today we are talking about D7 to D9 Migration with Mauricio Dinarte.

Topics Why are you passionate about migration First thing to think about when migrating Timeline Factors Tips and tricks Helpful tools and migrations Tricky things to migrate Data structure inconsistencies Embedded media Data management Source sets CSV Json DB connection Who is the audience Any new content Resources Demo of Event Platform Understand Drupal Modules – spreadsheet of content model Media migration module Migrate project category Migrate ecosystem 31 Days of Migration Miller 0 to 20 Years Guests

Mauricio Dinarte –


Nic Laflin – @nicxvan John Picozzi – @johnpicozzi Donna Bungard – @dbungard


Event Platform The Event Platform is actually a set of modules, each of which provides functionality designed to satisfy the needs of anyone creating a site for a Drupal Camp or similar event.