Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #336 – Discover Drupal

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Today we are talking about Discover Drupal with Angie Sabin.

Topics Drupal 10.0.0-alpha2 was tagged Describe Discover Drupal Importance of Discover Drupal Roles in DD Trainee Mentor Supporter Mentor’s responsibilities Time commitment Mentor Trainee Mentor application closed North America only and plans to expand Other ways to support the program Number of trainees Plans to join with EDU Resources Discover Drupal Gwendolyn Anello AmyJune Allison Manley Guests

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Search Overrides

What the module does Allows editors to specify “featured results” for specific queries, using a capability built into modern versions of Apache Solr What versions are available 2.0.3, works with Drupal 8 and 9 What you like about the module and how you use it It provides an admin page for creating and managing overrides, but you can also create overrides and exclusions for a node while editing it What you like about the module and how you use it By default works with nodes, but can be configured to pull from a search Dependencies to thinks about Requires using Apache Solr for search