Sergiu Nagailic (Nikro) Blog: Drupal 8/9 Image Effects

Drupal CMS

Problem / Motivation:

The problem I wanted to solve was – to apply image styles (especially with the Image Effects module), on images, but dynamically & on-demand, and not use dozens of pre-configured Image Styles.

Why would anyone want something like this? I can give you a couple of examples:

Facebook / Twitter Preview image, for every post. Let’s say you want Drupal to generate an image, by using Post Cover, Post Date, Title and potentially slap on some tags – and compile a Facebook compatible final image. Gift Card Generator ? – where users have a set of pre-configured options they may choose, colors, fonts, texts and use some pre-defined layouts to put everything together. Dynamic Watermarks ? – allow users to upload their own watermarks and apply those on top of their images – wi…

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