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Not only do I share the weekly OpenLampTech newsletter, but I’m also publishing some articles outside of the publication, directly to my Substack page. I’m resharing the last 2 I’ve posted over on my Substack for any interested readers…

Do you need to learn MySQL? Just starting and confused about how to query a table and get the data you need? I am creating premium MySQL Beginners content for this specific reason. To help those who want to learn the basics of MySQL but don’t know where to start. Learn more about the premium blog posts as I develop and release them.

MySQL SHOW TABLES – Two Variations

This post is an excerpt from some premium content I am creating here on my blog for beginners wanting to learn MySQL.

Read the full substack article: MySQL SHOW TABLES – 2 Variations.

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MySQL ROW_NUMBER() with CASE Expression

This post is another one I had a lot of fun writing because I learned so much while putting it together.

I’m covering how to collapse multiple rows into a single row per distinct group. The ROW_NUMBER() window function is key here and is center stage in this article.

Read the full substack article: MySQL ROW_NUMBER() Window Function with CASE Expression.

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