Manuel Matuzovic’s CSS Specificity Demo

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If you’re looking for a primer on CSS specificity, we’ve got that. And if you’re trying to get ahead of the game, you should be aware of CSS Cascade Layers as well.

One of the ways to help get a grasp of CSS specificity is thinking terms of “what beats what” or how strong the specificity is. Manuel Matuzovic has a helpful interactive step-by-step demo. You keep clicking the “Add selector” button, and the CSS shown (and applied to the page) changes with ever-increasingly-strong selectors applied to the body that change the background-color. At the end, it veers into not-really-selectors trickery, like using @keyframes to override things.

More specificity practice

If you enjoyed the trickery at the end, check out Francisco Dias’ A Specificity Battle!, an article we published a few years back that does a back-and-forth styling battle with nineteen steps “selecting” the same element to re-style it. CSS is cray sometimes.

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