Jacob Rockowitz: Part 6: Good Drupal Leadership: What miscellaneous skills does an organization’s Drupal leadership need?

Drupal CMS

This blog post will be my last post in a series about good Drupal leadership. After exploring how good Drupal leadership should have a plan and process supported by resources and relationships, I felt it necessary to end with miscellaneous skills and drupalisms.


The most miscellaneous Drupal’ism an organization’s Drupal leadership needs to consider is that the software and community are interdependent.

Wearing two hats

Drupal is software built by a community. This reality means people wear two hats – one which focuses on the benefits of the software to their organization’s business goal, and the other understands and values the collaboration of the community building the open source software. 


The first hat’s focus should always be on the success of your organization’s business goals while the second hat’s purpose is ensuring that Drupal and any open source tools continue to meet the organization’s business goal by contributing to them in a thoughtful and meaningful way. It is okay for businesses to ask “what is in it for us?” when contributing to Drupal. No organization should blindly contribute, and it is up to good Drupal leadership to guide an organization’s contribution. There are many productive and rewarding ways for an organization to get involved. 

Leading by example

When I look at the leadership of various agencies in the Drupal community, occasionally, there is a trend where some technical leaders will get their hands dirty with Drupal. Some leaders build their blogs in Drupal. In…Read More