HTML References


HTML References or BASIC HTML TAGS – HTML reference describes all elements and attributes of HTML, including global attributes that apply to all elements.

Basic HTML Tags


Defines Document Type

Defines Html Document

Defines Header of document

Defines Title of document

Describe all the content of document

Defines Html Heading

Write Paragraph in this tag

Line break

Comment in HTML

HTML Formatting Tags

TagsDescription<abbr>Defines an abbreviation or acronym<address>Defines contact information about the author of a document<b>Bold the text<bdi>Isolates the part of the text that might be formatted in a different direction<blockquote>Define a section that is quoted from another source<code>Defines a piece of computer code<del>Defines the text has been deleted from documents<em>It emphasizes text<ins>Comment the text that has been inserted into the document.<mark>It highlights the text<meter>Defines a scalar measurement within a range<pre>Pre-formatted text<small>Make text smaller<strong>Defines important text<var>Defines a variable<time>Defines Date/Time

HTML Forms and Input tag

TagsDescription<form>It initiates the form<input>Defines an input control<textarea>Takes multiple line inputs<button>Form the clickable Button<select>Create a drop-down list<option>Create an option in the drop-down list<label>Add label to the input element<fieldset>Create group related elements in a form<keygen>Generates key-pair field for forms<datalist>Specifies a list of predefined options of input control.<output>Declares the result of the calculation

HTML Frames Tag

TagsDescription<frame>Describe a frame or window in a frameset<frameset>Defines a set of frames<noframes>Provide alternate text where frame not supported<iframes> Forms the inline frame

HTML Images Tag

TagsDescription<img>Defines an image<map>Defines client-side image-map<area>It defines the area inside an image-map<canvas>Used to draw graphics via the scripting language<figure>Add a caption to the figure tag<figcaption>Add caption to the figure tag<picture>Defines a container for multiple image resource


TagsDescription<audio>Embeds the audio files<source>Defines multiple media resources for the media element<track>Add text track for the media element<video>Embeds the video or movie


TagsDescription<a>Defines Hyperlink<link>Defines a relationship between source pages to the target page<nav>Provides navigation links


TagsDescription<ul>Un-ordered list declaration<ol>Ordered List declaration<li>Declares List items<dl>Description list declaration<dt>Defines term in description list<dd>Defines description of a term<menu>Defines a list<menuitem>It invokes a pop-up menu


TagsDescription<table>Declares a table<caption>Add table caption<th>Defines cell in a table<td> Defines cell in a table <tr>Add data row<thead>Groups the header content in a table<tbody>Groups the body content in a table<tfoot>Groups the footer content in the table<col>Embeds in <colgroup> specifies col properties<colgroup>Specifies a group of one or more columns in a table

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