Get Your Free Camera Shutter Release

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Shutter release, cable release – different names but they do the same thing – they press the shutter for you, and take the shot, so you don’t move the camera with your fingers while pressing the shutter (and yes, it makes a bigger difference than you’d think – that’s why we pay for, carry around, attach and uses Cable releases when we’re out shooting, particularly for things like landscapes, cityscapes, interior shots, and any shots where sharpness is critical). It’s one of those “most have” accessories, which is why it’s nice they’re now free.

Ok, so go and download your free cable release now. You do this in the App Store for your phone. Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, Olympus (OM System) — they all have free downloadable apps that can press the shutter release wirelessly for you, so there’s no camera shake whatsoever.

Since most cameras these days come with a built-in wireless feature, setting it up is a breeze. Also, using an app to wirelessly fire your camera comes in handy when you have your camera down low (maybe on the ground), or in a hard-to-get-to place (like behind the bride at the altar during the ceremony), and most allow you to see a preview of what the camera is seeing and give you the ability to change your camera settings right there in the app.

Here’s wishing you super-sharp shots, without spending a penny (well, at least any more pennies than you’ve already spent on your gear). 🙂


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