Drupal Core News: Decoupled and integration survey: help shape Drupal’s JSON:API’s future

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2 years ago Drupal JSON:API support was released in Core, this was a huge milestone. The focus on JSON:API is what is enabling Drupal to become a project beyond PHP, and is enabling more JavaScript components, Decoupled Drupal applications and easier integrations with 3rd parties and tools and applications.

It’s time to look ahead to the challenges Drupal faces and how JSON:API will have to grow to keep Drupal ahead in the game. Facilitating JS components and Decoupled architectures. But also paving the way for Drupal to slot into any composable architecture.

Help shape the future of Drupal’s JSON:API

I joined the Drupal JSON:API team last summer to help move it forward faster. Since then quite a few bugs have been fixed, new PHP API’s through hooks and events have been added and a lot of inconsistencies have been fixed.

Today we ask for your help. Are you using JSON:API to build decoupled applications or integrate Drupal in your organization’s IT landscape? Consider filling out our survey. The results of the survey will be used as the basis of the Drupal JSON:API roadmap for next year. Developing what the community and Drupal needs to stay relevant.

Take 5 minutes to fill out our survey

Filling in the survey takes about 5 minutes helps us out tremendously. The survey will be open for 3 weeks, closing on the 1st of march.

Start the survey

The results of this survey will not be sold or shared with 3rd parties. The results will be analysed and published publicly without any identifiable reference to individual submissions.

Thank you!

Björn Brala, Mateu Aguiló Bosch, Gabe Sullice and Wim Leers

Special thanks to Laim Hockley, Stuart Clark, Joe Shindelar and Baddy Sonja for their help creating this survey and SWIS for sponsoring Björn Brala‘s time and surveymonkey account.