Drupal Association blog: Strategic Initiatives Now Have Logos!

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Strategic initiatives have been an integral part of Drupal’s growth as an open source project. Their goal is to solve impactful problems and foster continuous innovation through collaboration. While the community is busy working towards executing 7 of the current strategic initiatives, did you know they also have their own unique logos now? For those of you who missed taking a peek into the logos at DrupalCon Portland 2022, read on to find out!

Why logos for the initiatives

One of our goals as members of the marketing team for the Promote Drupal initiative was to build excitement among the community about the initiatives. More excitement means more involvement and contributions that can help push the strategic initiatives to the finish line faster.

But in a community as large as ours, not everyone is aware of the impact created by the strategic initiatives. 

Logos are memorable and create a long lasting impression. We wanted everyone in the community and beyond to connect with each of the initiatives. Having a logo will give them a visual identity that triggers a positive recall of what the initiative represents and how it makes them feel. Undoubtedly, the logos also serve as a great marketing asset for:

Cons and events
..and more

Designing the Logos

Every logo needed to tell a story behind the initiative. And who better than the initiative leads themselves to be the narrators? We reached out to the leads of each initiative to get their opinion on the logo design. A questionnaire survey was sent out in which we asked about their opinions regarding the initiative, what it meant to them, what they hoped it would accomplish, etc.

Based on the responses received, we drafted a design brief that included the goals and logo ideas of each initiative. We then collaborated with community member and product designer – Vinicius Custodio, who immediately commenced working on turning the ideas into reality (DrupalThanks, Vinny!). Take a look at the results.

Automatic Updates Initiative

The automatic updates Drupal logo signifies a constant and automatically updating project. It needed to express that automatic updates will make life easier for Drupal site owners. 

Drupal 10 Readiness Initiative

The logo ensures Drupal’s longevity with updated components and a slimmed down core system. It represents the future of the web with a feeling of modern, fresh and cleaned up.

Decoupled Menus Initiative

The logo communicates the decoupled nature of the work and also ideally sets a pattern for logos for future decoupled initiatives. It also elegantly represents Drupal and the menu icon. 

Easy Out Of The Box Initiative

The logo emphasizes the “easy” part of Easy out of the box initiative. The brand new drop emerging out of the box represents ease, modernity and empowerment from the moment Drupal is installed.

GitLab Acceleration Initiative

The team was clearly looking for a mashup between the Drupal drop and the GitLab logo and this logo is a perfect blend of them both.

Olivero – New Frontend Theme Initiative

Olivero is a minimal but practical theme for Drupal. The idea behind the logo was to highlight its simplicity with clean shapes and clear typography. It needed to look modern, friendly and represent accessibility.

Project Browser Initiative

Project browser works like an app store for Drupal. The idea behind the logo was to skin the Drupal drop logo as a download button.

What are your thoughts on the logos? Let us know in the comments below. If you’d like to join the Promote Drupal team to help us create a variety of marketing assets for Drupal like these, learn more about getting involved.

And here’s a huge #DrupalThanks to all the initiative leads who collaborated with the marketing team to help build better material.