Drupal Association blog: Meet Discover Drupal Student, Jose Colmenares!

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Throughout our pilot Discover Drupal program year, we have been introducing some of our students to the Drupal community; this month, we welcome Jose Colmenares

Jose learned about the Discover Drupal program via Twitter. He participated in the Site Builder track and is currently working with fellow graduates supporting the Project Browser Initiative.

Tell us a little about you.  What are your hobbies and interests?

I’m from Venezuela, a beautiful country with a lot of nature to explore, high-mountains, beaches, rivers, tropical jungle, and high mountains in the tropical jungle (Tepuys is the way we call them). So, to escape from time to time from technology, I used to get lost In one of those paradisiac sceneries to trek, hike, free-dive, and take pictures. So, in a couple of words, outdoors and photography, I’m also a guitar player and tech addict who constantly researches something new on technology.

What is your ultimate goal in learning Drupal?

I want to achieve deep knowledge in all three areas, site building, front-end, and back-end development, to manage projects or lead teams. Of course, not everything at once, step by step. I want to contribute to the project, work in a digital agency renowned for their work and contributions to Drupal, and help the agency and Drupal grow their market and community in Latin America.

What are you most excited about regarding this program?

Many things. To mention two: Having a whole team of professionals helping us to learn all about Drupal is a win. Moreover, when Drupal has so many possible applications. But the most incredible one is networking; being in touch with people you’ve heard that have won prizes for contributing to Drupal’s community, or maybe you’ve attended their presentations in camps and Drupalcon even if you’ve watched their video one time after the other with different topics. That is simply priceless!

If you see Jose online in Drupal Slack or at any upcoming Drupal events, please give him a warm welcome.

Our Discover Drupal sponsors will have access to directly recruit the students for internships or other employment near the completion of the program.

Thank you to our Partners and Volunteers!

Thanks to our founding partner, Kanopi Studios, and to platinum sponsors: Lullabot and Elevated Third, for the financial support that has been instrumental in launching this program.  Finally, thank you to our excellent training partners, Drupal Easy, Evolving Web, Mediacurrent, and Drupalize.me .

If you’d like more information about the program or would like to become a supporting donor, please reach out to us a drupaltalent@association.drupal.org.