Drupal Association blog: Get the Most out of DrupalCon Summits

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People in the Drupal sphere are big on sharing. Beyond sharing code, they like to share case studies and talk about the successes and pitfalls of their projects. True to the spirit of open source, when Drupal users get together, they are motivated to share their perspectives and best practices with their peers. 

Like every year, this year’s DrupalCon Portland will feature industry summits, giving Drupal users in a particular field the opportunity to learn from each other. A summit is a conference-within-a-conference, and unlike the larger conference, it has one track. Everyone watches the same presentations, participates in roundtable activities, and guided discussions on topics of interest to the group. 

This year, industry summits span two days: Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, giving you the chance to network with attendees who share the same concerns as you. Find out all the details and the summit schedule. You’ll see that there are four different summits for DrupalCon attendees: 

Non-Profit Summit 

Connect with other Drupal users from the not-for-profit, citizen sector space, including web developers, content creators, designers, strategists, and managers.

Healthcare Summit 

This is your chance to connect with other Drupal users from Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospital Systems, and more.

Higher Education Summit

Connect with other Drupal users from universities and colleges, including web developers, content creators, designers, strategists, and managers.

Government Summit

Are you a federal, state, or local government employee? A private sector employee supporting government? This summit is for you! 

If you’re already signed up for the conference and want to add a summit to your ticket, just email registration@association.drupal.org with the name of the summit you’d like to attend, and they can help you add it to your ticket. If you haven’t signed up for DrupalCon yet, you can buy a combined ticket for the conference and the summit. Hope to see you there!