Drupal Association blog: Build Your Drupal Expertise at DrupalCon with Hands-on Training

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One of the defining characteristics of the Drupal community is its relentless sharing of information. The variety of presentations at DrupalCon speaks to this phenomenon. Beyond the case studies and thought leadership talks you find at any tech conference, you also find conversations about the future of Drupal where presenters share the decisions they’re making that will determine how Drupal works. You see glimpses of the open source process out in the open. People also tend to share the code they used to solve one problem or another, and speakers tend to be open about sharing the details of how they solved a problem.

All this combination of detail and conversations about future features makes DrupalCon exciting and useful, but it can also be a lot of information to take in. If you’re relatively new to Drupal or are attending the conference with the goal of picking up a particular skill, it’s worth considering taking one of the hands-on trainings that the conference offers. Drupal training companies like mine put together a curriculum that guides attendees through a topic with demos, hands-on exercises, and lots of time to answer questions. Everyone gets a chance to try everything, which is a fantastic way to build confidence and spend more time with a topic than the typical presentation format allows for.

Each training spans two days, so you have time to attend other sessions and absorb the information over two days. You’ll attend part one on Monday morning and part two on Tuesday afternoon.

If you’re already signed up for the conference and want to add training to your ticket, just email registration@association.drupal.org with the name of the training you’d like to attend, and they can help you add it to your ticket.  If you haven’t signed up for DrupalCon yet, you can buy a combined ticket for the conference and a training.

At DrupalCon Portland, the trainings offered are:

Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 Migration with Evolving Web
Component-Based Development with Drupal with Mediacurrent
Introduction to Drupal 9 Module Development with Drupal Easy
Theming – Drupalize.me with Drupalize.me

Hope you’re able to join us and super-charge your Drupal expertise at this year’s conference.