Drupal Association blog: 2021 Gift of Open Source Recap

Drupal CMS

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the second annual Gift of Open Source event hosted by Pantheon! In December we asked for the #Drupal community to be part of something bigger by contributing to open source. The event’s ultimate goal was to provide resources to engage contributors to give back to the open source community and mentorship to encourage first-time contributors to participate.

During the event, which occurred from 1 December to 31 December, there were 185 total registrations. Participants from 23 countries submitted 102 contributions, which led to a $1,500 donation from Pantheon to both the Drupal Association and WordPress Foundation! Those who contributed helped make the web a more inclusive, efficient, and impactful experience for all.

Thank you to the following contributors:

Abhisek Mazumdar
Erin Fogel
Marius Scurtescu

AmyJune Hineline
Esaya Jokonya
Max Bronsema

Anna Mykhailova
PopArt Studio

Avi Schwab
Gale Wallace
Rick Williams

Bram Drieson
Gaurav Kapoor
Ryan Marks

Brian Lewis
Hansa Pandit
Shelane French

Carly Gerard
Ivan Trokhanenko
Simon Lindsay

Cindy Williams
Sumit Kumar

Clayton Dewey
Katie Richards
Surabhi Gokte

David Nattriss
Kevin Porras
Tanisha Kalia

Doug Schaapveld
Kurt Trowbridge
Tyler Shuster

We cannot thank you enough for participating in the 2021 Gift of Open Source! Your contributions truly helped make a difference, and we look forward to participating in the event again in 2022.