Community Working Group posts: Looking for Translator Subject Matter Experts

Drupal CMS

As part of our conflict resolution work within the Drupal community, the Drupal Community Working Group (CWG) sometimes relies on the advice of Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the areas of cultural differences, language translations, and other areas. It is our goal to approach each community member and situation with sensitivity and respect.

Our SMEs are called upon only when necessary to help the conflict resolution team with specific issues and are only provided the information necessary to complete their tasks. They are not fully onboarded members nor are they exposed to private data that is irrelevant to their task at hand. All SMEs must agree to the CWG Code of Ethics

The current crisis in Ukraine has brought to our attention that our group does not have an English/Ukrainian or English/Russian translator, should the need arise. It has also made us aware of the fact that, in spite of having a variety of SMEs ready to help, we lack translators for many languages. We feel that this is far too much of an American and Western European focus for our global community.

With this in mind, if you, or someone you know in the Drupal community, is comfortable providing cultural and translation services for the conflict resolution team, we’d love to hear from you at drupal-cwg at