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Get Drush command line support for CiviCRM
2022-01-21 – 10:04

Using Drush with Drupal is standard practice for most developers, but since CiviCRM support was removed, many find themselves having to switch between separate command-line tools for each environment.

Seeing a need for continued Drush support in CiviCRM, Skvare’s developers released the CiviCRM Drush module for Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. Just as with Drupal, this module allows developers to support CiviCRM through a single command-line tool and continue previously established workflows. Edit media Image

Once installed and configured, the CiviCRM Drush module supports many commonly used commands:

civicrm:api (cvapi)CLI access to CiviCRM APIs.civicrm:db-validateValid CiviCRM Database.civicrm:disable-debugDisable CiviCRM Debugging.civicrm:enable-debugEnable CiviCRM Debugging.civicrm:ext-disable (ced)Disable a CiviCRM extension.civicrm:ext-install (cei)Install a CiviCRM extension.civicrm:ext-list (celList of CiviCRM extensions enabled.civicrm:ext-uninstall (ceui)Uninstall a CiviCRM extension.civicrm:member-recordsRun the CiviMember UpdateMembershipRecord cron (civicrm-member-records).civicrm:process-mail-queueProcess pending CiviMail mailing jobs.civicrm:rest (cvrRest interface for accessing CiviCRM APIs.civicrm:restoreRestore CiviCRM codebase and database back from the specified backup dir.civicrm:route-rebuildAdds a route rebuild option for CiviCRM.civicrm:sql-cli (cvsqlc)Open a SQL command-line interface using CiviCRM’s credentials.civicrm:sql-confPrint CiviCRM database connection details.civicrm:sql-connectA string for connecting to the CiviCRM DB.civicrm:sql-dumpExports the CiviCRM DB as SQL using mysqldump.civicrm:sql-queryExecute a query against the CiviCRM database.civicrm:update-cfg (cvupcfg)Update config_backend to correct config settings.civicrm:upgrade (cvup)Replace CiviCRM codebase with new specified tarfile and upgrade database.civicrm:upgrade-db (cvupdb)Execute the civicrm/upgrade?reset=1 process from the command line.

With Drush for Drupal and CiviCRM Drush, developers can continue to use the same command-line interface for both environments.

Learn more about how Skvare’s team of Drupal and CiviCRM experts help organizations better deliver on their missions when their technology does more.

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