Bootstrap v4.6.1

Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap v4.6.1 has finally arrived! Biggest change here is a re-implementation of our Sass division functions and updates from v5, as well as some accessibility improvements and general bug fixes.

Read on for the highlights or head to the v4.6.x docs to see the latest in action.

What’s changed

Replace Sass division with multiplication and custom divide() function
fix(forms): input-group and validation icons
Fix minor visual bug in FF caused by moz-focusring
Adjust SAFE_URL_PATTERN regex for use with test method of regexes
Add sms in the SAFE_URL_PATTERN for sanitizer
Adjust feedback icon position and padding for select.form-control
Carousel: use buttons, not links, for prev/next controls
v4: Sass docs for default variables
Handle complex expressions in add() & subtract()
More concise improvements for add() and subtract()
Remove aria-haspopup from dropdowns
Dropdown: support .dropdown-item wrapped in <li> tags
Update Node versions in JS tests (drop Node 10, add Node 16) and add variables for vertical-align in spinners
Replace Freenode with Libera IRC server
Fix repetition in the Navbar docs description
Enable 0.x with negative margins in utilities
Remove print thead rule
Fix prevented show event disabling modals with fade class from being displayed again
Input group validation with custom-file input
Add eslint-plugin-qunit and tighten JS tests
Update our tests to Node 16 and npm 8
Disabled link cleanup

Review the GitHub v4.6.1 release changelog for more details.

Next up

We’ll be flipping back to v5 development after this release, focusing on v5.2.0 with some additional updates to using more CSS variables and other awesome features. Sometime after that, we hope to ship a v4.7.0 release with some additional backported features and improvements to v4.

Please keep the feedback coming on what we can improve, how our releases are performing, and any other suggestions.

Support the team

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