Connect With Your Audience: Integrate Social Media With Your WordPress.com Website

Integrating your social media presence with your WordPress.com website has never been easier. We offer many options and tools that are available on all plans, at no additional cost. Whether you want to auto-share your website posts to a social media platform, display your social media posts on your website, provide links to your various […]


Angular 2021 Recap and 2022 Preview

Happy New Year! 2021 was a difficult year for everyone around the globe but as a community we’ve managed to stick together and continue to move Angular forward. Let’s take a quick review of some things that happened in 2021 and take a peek at some things that are on the horizon for Angular in 2022. Welcome […]

Typed Forms: The RFC Is Here

For five years, strong types in the Forms package have been a top feature request. Issue (#13721) is the most popular issue of all time on the Angular repo. Many contributors have attempted to implement it over the years. We’re proud to announce the Typed Forms Request for Comment. This is the first big step toward […]


A New Major Version of Ignition Debuts in Laravel 9

The team at Spatie released a significant new version of Ignition for Laravel. Learn about what’s new and start using it in your Laravel 8 apps today! The post A New Major Version of Ignition Debuts in Laravel 9 appeared first on Laravel News. Join the Laravel Newsletter to get Laravel articles like this directly […]

Laracon Online Winter will be free this year!

For the first time ever we’ll be streaming Laracon for free on YouTube allowing us to reach the entire Laravel community. This is a huge moment (and experiment) for us. Thank you to the following incredible partners for helping us achieve this! The post Laracon Online Winter will be free this year! appeared first on […]


Beautify third-party API with Kotlin

Scala has popularized the ‘Pimp my library’ pattern: This is just a fancy expression to refer to the ability to supplement a library using implicit conversions. — Pimp My Library Pattern in Scala Kotlin does provide the same capability. However, it achieves it via extension functions. While the generated bytecode is similar to Java’s static methods, the developer experience is the same as adding functions to existing types. This approach has limitations, though. One cannot

Apple News

Apple delays in-app account deletion requirement, extends IAP exception for group services

Apple has pushed back the enforcement of some rules that were previously set to come into effect on January 31st. Firstly, during the first 2020 lockdowns, Apple allowed apps offering realtime group services to use payment methods other than In-App Purchase. This exception was introduced to help businesses trying to adapt to pandemic life. Citing […]

How to sign up for Apple TV+ without an Apple device

Apple TV+ and the TV app is available on many platforms, not just Apple devices. But you need an Apple ID to sign in. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t make it particularly easy to make an Apple ID without owning an Apple device of some kind. The Apple TV website will direct you to log in with […]

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