What’s New on WordPress.com: Tools to Make Designing Your Site Easier Than Ever

At WordPress.com, we’re always adding features and pushing our blocks and Site Editor to do more so that you can create, design, and publish amazing things with ease. Our newest features are largely design-focused, giving you the confidence to explore a variety of styles and then easily apply them across your entire site.  Let’s jump […]


Angular v15 is now available!

Over the past year we removed Angular’s legacy compiler and rendering pipeline which enabled the development of a series of developer experience improvements in the past couple of months. Angular v15 is the culmination of this with dozens of refinements which lead to better developer experience and performance. Sunrise photo by Minko Gechev Standalone APIs are […]

Advancements in the Angular Router

Photo by Ylanite Koppens The Angular team has been busy making some meaningful updates to the Angular router that are available as of Angular v14.2. We’re pleased to share some recent improvements. Read on to learn more. New Router API for standalone We’ve introduced a way to use the Router without the need for RouterModule and improved […]


Learn how to impersonate users in your Laravel app

Laravel Impersonate is a package to allow you to easily set up user impersonation in your Laravel app. The post Learn how to impersonate users in your Laravel app appeared first on Laravel News. Join the Laravel Newsletter to get Laravel articles like this directly in your inbox.

Google reCaptcha Enterprise Package for Laravel

The Google reCaptcha Enterprise package for Laravel provides easy configuration of reCaptcha and a handy validation rule to verify your user token scores. The post Google reCaptcha Enterprise Package for Laravel appeared first on Laravel News. Join the Laravel Newsletter to get Laravel articles like this directly in your inbox.


Beautify third-party API with Kotlin

Scala has popularized the ‘Pimp my library’ pattern: This is just a fancy expression to refer to the ability to supplement a library using implicit conversions. — Pimp My Library Pattern in Scala Kotlin does provide the same capability. However, it achieves it via extension functions. While the generated bytecode is similar to Java’s static methods, the developer experience is the same as adding functions to existing types. This approach has limitations, though. One cannot

Apple News

Hands-on: 12 Apple Notes features you need to try [Video]

Apple’s native Notes application is, by far, my most used Apple app. I use it for jotting down ideas, scripting out videos, hand-drawing rough drafts of thumbnails, bookmarking websites, and so much more. I want to show off some Notes features that will really help the everyday user maximize their experience! more… The post Hands-on: […]

Aqara hub M2 firmware update adds Matter support, other hubs coming soon

Aqara is excited to announce the rollout of a new firmware for the , Version 4.0.0 (beta), that adds Matter support to the hubs. Matter is a new standard for IoT devices that enables smart home accessories to work together across brands and ecosystems. This new firmware allows Aqara Zigbee devices to connect to third-party, […]

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